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September 7th, 2011
01:07 AM ET

Rep. Kucinich on a primary challenge to Obama: "It would make him a better president"

Could President Barack Obama face a primary challenge in 2012? Rep. Dennis Kucinich says yes.

"I suppose it's possible. There again, it's going to be about the economy," he told Piers Morgan. "I say he should. I think it would make him a better president."

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  1. elizabeth

    I want to thank the producer and/or Piers for obviously reading my recent post, regarding the fact that most Apple jobs are not benefiting Americans ... with the vast majority of jobs created to produce their products being jobs in China. THANK YOU Piers for stating this so openly and clearly on your show tonight and for calling on American companies to stop sending our jobs overseas! THIS is the problem with the economy! If you want your show to be an incredible success and you want America to be strong again, please start putting every government leader you interview in the hot seat ... forcing them to clearly explain why they individually have not introduced a bill to level the playing field with China – not closing our borders to trade but making it fair ... not free. Follow the money! Who is profiting from this? The middle class worker who lost his job to unfair trade practices? Hardly? Major American companies are earning record profits by selling products to us which they produced at reduced costs overseas, as a result of unfair practices. BUT THIS IS ALSO KEY: Because our jobs have been shipped overseas, workers in China and other "emerging markets" are now able to purchase goods themselves ... which is why American companies are racing to produce auto factories, etc. in those markets. Again, the companies will profit, but the workers will not be Americans. The only reason these markets are "emerging" is because they have cash to spend from the jobs which were unfairly stripped away from America's middle class ... call centers in India, factories in China, etc. Hence, it's easy to see why American companies want to protect the status quo.

    Meanwhile, we in America make NOTHING we consume. It is not sustainable. It never was. The housing bubble was a grand illusion, which distracted us from the impact of the loss of our entire manufacturing base. Now that housing is gone, we stand and look around and wonder what happened. A society which produces NOTHING it consumes cannot be sustained! Even if – over the course of 20 years – we all ultimately become tech gurus, given current trade laws, those high tech manufacturing jobs will also ultimately go overseas because workers in those emerging markets will also be highly skilled ... while continuing to benefit from unfair trade practices!

    If we do not hold Congress accountable right now to change the trade laws; take steps to make China stop manipulating its currency and prevent American companies from sending thousands of call center jobs (which serve American customers) overseas, America will implode. So, follow the money! Research the ways in which trade is grossly unfair! Start exposing! You will become America's most treasured anchor if you force them to bring our jobs home! We can and will compete, but it has to be FAIR!

    September 7, 2011 at 2:20 am | Report abuse | Reply
  2. Bruce Clarke

    I rely on CNN as a neutral-to-moderate place for news and interviews. It is the only "go to" news network left for me. There's plenty of opinion on CNN, but it is normally labeled as such or presented in a debate-type format.

    I am trying to watch Piers Morgan's show and appreciate his style. Some shows have been very good. However, last night's double-header of Trumka and Kucinich left me tired and resolved to read more books in the evening. It's not the choice of interviewees, it's the interviewer. Mr. Morgan chose to toss softball after softball to this duo (who proudly reside at the extreme left of the spectrum) and provided no challenges to their bald assertions on the economy or job growth. I honestly don't care if Mr. Morgan supports these men philosophically, but his role is to challenge (I thought) and to provoke thought among the viewers. What we received last night not only failed to challenge these men or the viewers, but provided Mr. Morgan's literal agreement and affirmation of controversial theories posed by the interviewees. This was not an isolated occurrence with Mr. Morgan, but the most blatant in successive interviews I have seen. Why would I watch a show that presents extreme views, offers no counter points and then expresses personal agreement with those views? I won't. Thank you for listening.

    September 7, 2011 at 7:38 am | Report abuse | Reply

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