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October 2nd, 2012
01:38 PM ET

Only in America: Piers Morgan serves up a slice of humble pie as a writer prematurely crowns the Americans Ryder Cup champs

On the heels of an epic Ryder Cup comeback, on Monday Piers Morgan used his "Only in America" to have a bit of fun with an American golf writer who had mistakenly crowned the United States winners roughly 24 hours prematurely.

"The worst ever prediction in sporting history," said Morgan, in reviewing comments penned by Gene Wojciechowski, of ESPN.

"A pundit's verdict so breathtakingly bad, we're talking 'Dewey Beats Truman' wrong," he piled on.

With the Americans holding a seemingly insurmountable lead, Wojciechowski placed his tongue firmly in his cheek, and ripped off a list of scenarios which would allow the Europeans to achieve victory.

Amongst zingers that included U.S. captain Davis Love III subbing in celebrity spectators for polished professionals, and the Europeans using time travel à la a "Back to the Future" film, Wojciechowski included one scenario which would prove to be foreshadowing at its finest:

Team Europe wins eight of the remaining 12 matches to retain the Cup.

As luck would have it, that's precisely what happened. But even the scribe himself couldn't fathom a world in which his own mocking would ring true.

And, so, his column continued:

"Team USA has the kind of two-day lead that Cup captains pray for. It's as close to insurmountable as trying to climb Mt. Everest wearing a t-shirt, cargo shorts and flip-flops," wrote Wojciechowski. "Time for the Europeans to fire up the private jets and head back home to Florida."

And it was this line that played right into the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host's hands:

"You may have seen the guys in Florida, earlier," said Morgan, referencing his satellite interview with Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, and Justin Rose, three of the victorious European golfers. "The ones who won," he deadpanned.

But it was the senior national columnist, and 14-year ESPN veteran's parting shot which allowed Morgan the ultimate last laugh:

Quoting Wojciechowski, Morgan read:

"Europe has a minuscule chance, a 'do you believe in miracles' chance. And if it happens - if Team Europe leaves with the cup for the seventh time in the past nine competitions - then you'll hear a roar all the way from Spain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, England."

"Only in America," concluded the British presenter, could Team USA's nightmare, and the cocksure commentary by one of it's own, serve up such a sizable slice of humble pie:

"One word, Mr Wojciechowski: ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR."

Watch the clip, as Piers Morgan pulls no punches and takes plenty of pleasure in peppering Wojciechowski with a healthy assortment of verbal barbs and quips.
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  1. DW

    Piers capacity to be rude, and exhibit an uncanny amount of ignorance is once again demonstrated. To continue to lobby against guns, in the face of the fact that the guns used in the Clackamas shooting and the Newtown shooting were stolen is dumbfounding to witness. Then to point to a weapon that wasn't even used in the Newtown shooting and lobby against such weapons to be available is clearly a biased perspective. His belief that no one should have a gun is yet another demonstration of his ignorance of reality. To adopt this line of thinking, a policeman would have a billy club, and the air marshall on the plane would have to utilize a Piers like sharp tongue to prevent harm. Good luck with that, tell me how that works out for you. As for me, give me a gun and wish the perpertrator luck. I want the schools to adopt a training policy for the principal and enable the teachers the right to carry. It is still their individual right to die like a Piers, but maybe they would like to have the chance to minimize the carnage. Just saying. It is embarrasing to witness Piers cutting short the opinions that differ from his own, ignoring valid statements of fact. Come on already. To expect a rational law to prevent an irrational act is just wrong on so many levels. I just wonder if it were Piers at the recieving end of a lunatic if he wouldn't long for a weapon himself??? But there I go, expecting sanity from an insane situation.


    December 14, 2012 at 10:16 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  2. DW

    Wow, unlike Piers, words fail me at witnessing his behavior once again. Please answer a simple is restricting access to guns by law abiding people going to stop these kinds of insane behaviors done with stolen weapons? The genie is out of the bottle already...guns have been around for centuries and will continue to be so in the future. Just saying no to drugs doesn't stop drug useage, and banning the legal possesion of guns won't prevent deaths done at the hands of lunatics. Heck, demanding that television personalities to make sense is right there in the "wish in one and and s...t in the other, which one gets full first?" column. I am sure that Piers' countrymen are embarassed by his rude treatment of his guests. Tragedy deserves more respect than watching this infantile behavior.

    December 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  3. RJ

    I would much rather see a ban on Piers Morgan than a ban on any type of gun.

    December 20, 2012 at 5:30 am | Report abuse | Reply

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