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October 15th, 2012
01:03 PM ET

Clips From Friday: Chris Van Hollen on Biden's "malarkey" remark and Joe Walsh on sobriety

On Friday evening's "Piers Morgan Tonight", Congressman Chris Van Hollen weighed in on Joe Biden's performance at the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday, Oct. 11. A pleased Van Hollen, who played GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan during Biden's debate prep told Piers Morgan "there wasn't much that the vice president heard from Paul Ryan last night that he hadn't heard over the last four days."

Van Hollen also defended Biden's "malarkey" remark towards Ryan's assertions on foreign policy during the debate:

"I can understand why the vice president was, you know, frustrated with Paul Ryan on foreign policy things because what you see from the Romney/Ryan ticket is a lot of hot air, lot of chest thumping," continued Van Hollen. "But when you ask them what they would do differently on Syria or Iran, there's nothing they would do differently unless, as the vice president said, they're planning to commit U.S. troops or they've decided to take military force which they say they haven't."

Musician and Eagles band member Joe Walsh also sat down with Morgan on Friday and talked about how being sober has changed his life and how he plays music. "I had to learn to do everything that I always did drunk sober," said Walsh. "One thing at a time. Like playing in front of people was terrifying at first without a buzz."

"All of that stuff I was dependent on convinces you that you can't do anything without it," said Walsh. "So you can measure that in terms of a couple of years before you really understand, and you get comfortable sober."

Watch the clips, and listen to the interviews, as Walsh tells Morgan, "I'm good to go. I'm back and I'm comfortable sober."
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  1. Commander Zero

    CNN could help their ratings if they flew a Candy blimp at the debate to replace the Moderator
    who definitely has been filled with hot air.
    Trick or Treat Ms. Crowley

    October 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  2. amy gold

    The fraud and corruption that has taken place in the real estate market is astounding!

    Let's ask the current administration WHY they keep putting a stop to foreclosures and let people live in their homes free for years and walk away from their homes with millions of Dollars in their bank accounts.

    There are 2 types of people in foreclosure:
    1. Those who have bought their homes at the height of the market
    2. Those who have bought their homes before the height of the market and have borrowed millions of Dollars on the supposed equity of their homes.

    Those who have bought their home at the height of the market and can’t afford to make their mortgage payments, simply have to be foreclosed on. That’s the law! The Federal Government can not pay off the mortgages of its private citizens. It's just not right for taxpayers to pay someone's mortgage.

    Those who took millions of Dollars of cash out of the equity of their homes and decided not to keep their homes, have to pay the cash back to the Treasury, so that we and our children and grandchildren are not stuck with the debt they created.

    Regardless of how the economy does, regardless of how the real estate market does, the President of the United States has a moral obligation to do what is right and more than that what is legally mandated. Allowing homeowners to take millions out of the equity of their homes and walk away from their homes with the cash in their bank account is just not right or legal! Obama's laws have created a corrupt society!


    A house in Beverly Hills, CA
    Bought house for $1,600,000 June ‘05
    1st Td $1,800,000 Jan. ‘07
    2nd Td 741,000 Feb. ‘07
    3rd Td 200,000 March ‘07
    House is in foreclosure. Owners took out $ 1,141,000 and have been living on the property for years free of mortgage, property tax or rent. Now that the current administration has asked the banks not to foreclose, what do you think will happen to this debt? Will the Federal Government pay the loans off and gift the house to the owners?

    A house in Malibu, CA
    Bought house for $1,250,000 March ‘95
    1st Td $ 500,000 Feb. ‘07
    2nd Td 3,000,000 April ‘07
    Foreclosed. He is still enjoying the $2,250,000 cash he took out of the property.

    An office building in Calabasas, CA
    Bought office building for $1,900,000 Feb. ‘02
    Loans: 1st Td $4,440,000 Dec. ‘07
    Foreclosed. He collected rent for months and walked away from the property with $2,540,000 in his bank account.

    A house in Pacific Palisades, CA
    Bought house for $750,000 May ‘92
    1st Td $100,000 Nov. ‘97
    2nd Td 305,000 April ‘03
    3rd Td 2,700,000 June ‘05
    4th Td 225,000 September ‘05
    House is in foreclosure. Owners took out $ 2,580,000 and still live on the property.

    A house in Pacific Palisades, CA
    Bought house for $500,900 Nov. ‘95
    1st Td $3,000,000 Aug. ‘06
    2nd Td 100,000 Aug. ‘06
    3rd Td 1,620,000 Sept. ‘06
    House is in foreclosure. Owners took out $4,219,100

    There are millions of homeowners who have taken out millions of Dollars out of the equity of their homes and have either settled with the bank on a short sale, have been foreclosed on or still live in their homes. The above cases are only a few examples of the corruption in the marketplace.

    Right now, homes that are in foreclosure are not being foreclosed on, banks are not responding to offers. Homeowners are living in their homes for FREE! For Years!
    And those who have taken cash out of their equity are keeping the money in their bank accounts. And the first $2Mil. is tax free. You and I have to pay for it!

    1. Properties in foreclosure must be foreclosed on. The Federal Government does not pay the mortgage of its private citizens.

    2. Banks have to foreclose on properties, list them and sell them quickly!

    3. Those who have taken cash out of the equity of their homes must pay it back to the Treasury! That includes short pays and foreclosures. Fraud has been rewarded and encouraged.

    Almost all short pays and foreclosures have taken place in the last 4 years.

    The market has not recovered. The Obama Administration has funded states and banks billions of Dollars asking them to stop all foreclosures. Since April banks have not foreclosed on properties. That has created a tight inventory in the market where prices have gone up about 15-20%. Another bubble. Which will burst, AGAIN, when properties in foreclosure eventually get foreclosed on, as the law mandates, and come into the marketplace.

    Let's get together and write to congress members and tweet our friends and STOP real estate fraud and those who take millions of dollars out of their homes and disappear into thin air.

    October 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  3. jaker, Dublin

    Well done, Mr Hollen, for being truthful & calling it as it was. GOP need more like you!

    October 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm | Report abuse | Reply

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