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November 2nd, 2012
10:24 PM ET

Giuliani on Obama's response to the Benghazi attack: "He fell asleep at the switch. For months, not just that day"

With a mere four days remaining in the race for the White House, on Friday evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" checked in on Ohio, arguably the most critical battleground state in the entire country, for a live interview with Rudy Giuliani.

Never one to hide his disapproval of the incumbent, the one-time Republican presidential candidate and current Mitt Romney surrogate criticized Barack Obama for everything from his attention to the devastation following Superstorm Sandy, to his handling of the Benghazi consulate attack.

However, while the former New York City mayor past judgement on the commander-in-chief, Wesley Clark was listening and asked for a platform to respond.

Having just concluded his own interview with Piers Morgan, Clark came back on the air, with his thoughts on the handling of the tragedy in Libya:

"With respect to Benghazi, I think we're all going to have to wait until the full investigation's done and the information comes out," said the retired U.S. Army General. "From my own experience inside the National Security System, when I read the fragmentary reporting I get an entirely different picture than what Mayor Giuliani's portrayed here."

Always ready to engage in spirited debate, Giuliani chimed in once more: FULL POST

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"Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes Rudy Giuliani from Ohio; Obama and Romney pen exclusive columns for CNN
November 2nd, 2012
04:47 PM ET

"Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes Rudy Giuliani from Ohio; Obama and Romney pen exclusive columns for CNN

With the general election four days away, on Friday "Piers Morgan Tonight" shines its spotlight on the key battleground state of Ohio.

Anchoring live from his studio in New York, Piers Morgan will welcome Mitt Romney surrogate and former GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani from the “Buckeye State" for his perspective and insight into the final stages of the race for the White House.

Coming with a robust 18 electoral votes, common consensus says that to win the presidential election, a candidate almost certainly needs to win Ohio. Dating back to 1964, the Midwestern state has served as a microcosm for the nation, as in each election since the contest which saw Lyndon B. Johnson defeat Barry M. Goldwater, the candidate to capture Ohio landed himself in Washington roughly two months later. And as important as is the "Buckeye State" for incumbent Barack Obama, it's that much more critical for Romney, as no Republican has ever won the presidency without first winning Ohio.

With each of the two men campaigning across Ohio today, both Obama and Romney released opinion pieces that are running exclusively on

"America is a land of opportunity," declares Romney in his article. "But lately, for too many Americans, opportunity has not exactly come knocking."

As for Obama, he writes that "Change is an America that turns the page on a decade of war to do some nation-building here at home."

Read each of the above columns by the two men battling to lead the nation for the next four years, then tune in this evening at 9 as Piers Morgan receives an on-the-ground report from Giuliani in Oho.
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November 2nd, 2012
01:41 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Con Edison defends storm preparations, and the mother of a baby evacuated from NYU Hospital during Sandy

While lower Manhattan remains in the dark following Superstorm Sandy, and as residents grow increasingly more frustrated and angry, on Thursday "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed Michael Clendenin of Con Edison.

Joining Piers Morgan live, the media relations director addressed accusations that the New York power company had failed to properly plan for Sandy's arrival:

"The fact is, we knew about the storm, too, and everyone was prepared but there's nothing much you can do once it comes ashore," insisted Clendenin. "We built protections for the substations a foot and a half higher than the most historic storm surge ever to hit New York and it still couldn't handle it. I mean, this was just off the charts."

Also as part of Thursday's program was the story of Jo-An Tremblay-Shepherd, a mother whose premature newborn son was evacuated from NYU Langone Medical Center after Sandy knocked out the building's emergency electric generators: FULL POST

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Need to Know News: Hiring increases, unemployment up in U.S.; Romney tries to put Pennsylvania in play for the presidential election
November 2nd, 2012
10:10 AM ET

Need to Know News: Hiring increases, unemployment up in U.S.; Romney tries to put Pennsylvania in play for the presidential election

Each day, we here at "Piers Morgan Tonight" put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

For November 2, 2012 – Hiring increases, unemployment up in U.S., Romney tries to put Pennsylvania in play and New York divided over marathon plans...


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