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December 20th, 2012
06:34 PM ET

Mick North on arming teachers: "The idea that because the problem is guns, the answer is guns, is simply ridiculous"

In the aftermath of the horrific school shooting which cost 20 children their lives, this evening at 9 "Piers Morgan Tonight" continues to push the conversation on gun control, welcoming Dr. Mick North for his unparalleled perspective on firearms, specifically in relation to the murder of young kids.

In 1996, North's five-year-old daughter was among those who perished in the infamous mass school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland. Joining Piers Morgan from overseas, tonight's guest shared statistics that have come since the enacted gun ban following the Dunblane incident:

"Gun crime has been falling in England and Wales every year for the last eight years. In Scotland, it's [at] its lowest level for well over 20 years."

As many pro-gun voices are calling for less regulation, even suggesting firearms might make schools safer, North offers his assessment: FULL POST

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December 20th, 2012
05:30 PM ET

Neil Heslin on his son who perished in the Newtown, Conn. shooting: "Jesse was my son, but he was my best friend and my buddy too"

Less than a week since the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn. which left 20 young children dead within the walls of their Sandy Hook Elementary School, on Thursday "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes the father of one of the slain victims for a gut-wrenching and candid primetime interview.

Speaking about his son Jesse Lewis, Neil Heslin remembers the six-year-old warmly and fondly:

"Jesse was my son, but he was my best friend and my buddy, too. And I'm just really lost for words. We did everything together," explained Heslin in honest and heart-breaking fashion. "He had so many favorite spots where he'd go, the diner in town here, the grocery store for his bagel or muffin in the morning, the Misty Vale Deli where he'd go to get his sandwich in the morning, also before school and his snack. I'm lost for words."

This evening Heslin will face the unenviable task of burying his son, the precise act most people agree no parent should ever have to go through. The fact that it's happening during the holidays makes it that much more difficult: FULL POST

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December 20th, 2012
01:17 PM ET

Clips from Last Night: Christiane Amanpour on assault weapons; a Tucson survivor details Jared Loughner's gun specifics

As America nears the one week mark since an unthinkable school shooting shocked the nation with the harsh reality of 20 dead children, on Wednesday evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" produced a very special edition of it's program, filling the studio with a live audience for a town hall style show.

Seated in the center of the room, host Piers Morgan welcomed, amongst others, Christiane Amanpour to share her unique expertise on firearms, specifically the types used in the Newtown, Conn. massacre and other recent mass shootings:

"You've been in war zones all over the world. It is as near to an M-16 machine gun, assault rifle, as you can get, isn't it?" Morgan asked his guest, CNN's Chief International Correspondent.

"You know, it is. And I can visualize the state of affairs in those classrooms in Sandy Hook because I've seen that on the battlefield, in Sarajevo and Somalia, what's going on in Syria right now. And it is about those particular weapons," Amanpour revealed.

"I look out and I realize that two years ago, I conducted a town hall just like this in the aftermath of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of those people around here in Tucson," said the host of CNN's "Amanpour," as she addressed an audience full of survivors, and relatives of those killed, in various United States shootings, including Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Tucson. "Some of the same people who were there are here today, victims' families, all people crying out for at least - at the very least, a dialogue, a sensible, rational conversation, a national discussion where we're not afraid to call it like it is."

Continuing to focus on the Tucson shooting of January 2011, Morgan spoke to audience member Daniel Hernandez, who was able to provide unique, first-hand insight from the events of that day: FULL POST

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Need to Know News: Blizzard warning issued for big chunk of Midwest; Obama and Boehner remain at odds on verge of fiscal cliff
December 20th, 2012
09:28 AM ET

Need to Know News: Blizzard warning issued for big chunk of Midwest; Obama and Boehner remain at odds on verge of fiscal cliff

Each day, we here at "Piers Morgan Tonight" put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

For December 20, 2012 – Blizzard warning issued for big chunk of Midwest, Barack Obama and John Boehner remain at odds on verge of fiscal cliff and Ke$ha responds to radio stations pulling 'Die Young'...


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