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December 21st, 2012
06:07 PM ET

Geoffrey Canada on Friday's NRA statement: "That was the most irresponsible...hurtful response to an American tragedy that I have heard"

In response to Friday morning's public statement by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre – the first public remarks by the National Rifle Association since last week's shooting in Newtown, Conn. – this evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" invites Geoffrey Canada, president and CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone, to share his insight and reactions:

"That was the most irresponsible, and I think, hurtful response to an American tragedy that I have heard," said Canada, referencing LaPierre's suggestion of more firearms as an answer for the current epidemic of gun violence in the country. "He should be ashamed of himself to come and tell the American people 'I am not going to do anything reasonable – not one thing.'"

As the pro-gun lobby continues to laud the value of military grade weapons – the likes of which have been used in several recent mass killings – Canada voices his opposition: FULL POST

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December 21st, 2012
04:11 PM ET

Barbra Streisand on Marlon Brando: "He wanted to take me to the desert ... and sleep over in a ghost town"

Coming up Sunday at 9, Piers Morgan welcomes legendary "Evergreen" songstress and "Funny Girl" star Barbra Streisand for an entertaining and honest primetime interview that touches upon everything from politics to theatrics, gender roles to legendary colleagues.

As part of the rare sit-down on "Piers Morgan Tonight," the 70-year-old, multifaceted performer reveals Marlon Brando as her all-time favorite thespian:

"He was fascinating," she says of the "The Godfather" star. High praise from the equally iconic Streisand, who throughout her illustrious career has garnered Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards.

As the discussion continues, Streisand shares the story of the time Brando invited her on an overnight road trip:

"He wanted to take me to the desert, to see the wild flowers," she explains. "And sleep over in a ghost town."

Despite her suitor's star status, Streisand accepted the invitation only with conditions: FULL POST

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December 21st, 2012
02:03 PM ET

Gabby Douglas on being a winner: "You have to work very hard"

Coming up on Saturday at 9 p.m., Olympic gold-medal gymnast Gabrielle Douglas sits down with Piers Morgan for a sit-down chat to talk training and what it's like to be the first African-American gymnast to win the all-around gold medal at the London Games.

During the interview Morgan asks Douglas what it takes to be a winner:

"It takes a lot, not only the talent," said Douglas. "But you have to be consistent and you have to dedicate your heart into the sport and you have to work very hard and give 100 percent."

Watch the clip, and listen to the interview, then tune in Saturday at 9 p.m. as Douglas offers to teach Morgan one of her gymnastic moves.
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December 21st, 2012
01:12 PM ET

Clips from Last Night: Richard Blumenthal on gun policy reform; David Chase on gun violence and Hollywood

As America hits the one week mark since an unthinkable school shooting shocked the nation with the harsh reality of 20 dead children, Piers Morgan spoke with Sen. Richard Blumenthal Thursday night. The Connecticut senator proposed a "multifaceted approach" to reforming gun policy beginning with, as he told Morgan, "with a ban on assault weapons, stopping high capacity magazines, better background checks."

"And of course better enforcement of all these laws, not just existing laws but more support and resources for the federal agencies like ATF and the local and state police to protect our children."

Blumenthal also noted the "seismic change" in the attitude towards policy change for gun regulation "almost tectonically as people react to the horror of beautiful children, babies, really, slaughtered en mass and the teachers and other professionals who came to their aid."

"I think that a nerve has been touched and I think that Newtown will never be the same but neither will America. And so I think that kind of nerve hitting will be reflected in what happens here in Washington."

Also on the program, television and film writer and director, David Chase joined Morgan in-studio for a sit down interview. The creator of the Emmy Award winning series "The Sopranos" responded to the perspective that violence depicted in film and television directly affects the mentality of the viewers. FULL POST

Need to Know News: Boehner's Plan B fiscal cliff bill pulled amid dissension in GOP caucus; NRA to talk about Sandy Hook as mourning continues
December 21st, 2012
10:42 AM ET

Need to Know News: Boehner's Plan B fiscal cliff bill pulled amid dissension in GOP caucus; NRA to talk about Sandy Hook as mourning continues

Each day, we here at "Piers Morgan Tonight" put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

For December 21, 2012 – John Boehner's Plan B fiscal cliff bill pulled amid dissension in GOP caucus, NRA to talk about Sandy Hook as mourning continues and Instagram backtracks on terms of service...


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