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December 28th, 2012
05:25 PM ET

Brandy describes her emotions upon learning of friend Whitney Houston's death: "I fell to the floor, in tears ... and had been crying for weeks, and months after that"

Coming up this evening at 9, Piers Morgan sits down for an honest and emotional face to face conversation with Brandy.

As the 33-year-old singer born Brandy Norwood has recently released her sixth studio album, tonight she opens up about the woman for whom the work honors, Whitney Houston.

With Brandy's CD entitled "Two Eleven," she explains that the numbers signify not only her own birthday (Brandy was born on 2.11.79,) but also the day on which Houston passed, February 11th of this year.

Having known the music icon since the pair worked together on the film "Cinderella" in 1997, Brandy surmises what it must have been like for Houston to have endured the loss of her iconic and powerful singing voice:

"I understand you know, because, I feel like when I don't have my instrument, I don't really have me," she tells Morgan. "Of course there's more to you than your voice. But, that's what you use to share, that's what you use to give. It's your purpose. It's what you were born to do ... It probably drove her insane."

Having admittedly lost touch with Houston during the star's final years, Brandy was in the hotel on the night the six-time Grammy Award winner died, and tonight she describes hearing the tragic news: FULL POST

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December 28th, 2012
01:25 PM ET

Tyler Perry on politics, and attack ads: "A lot of things [are] smoke and mirrors ... it's all about let's hide the facts"

Coming up this evening at 9, "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes Tyler Perry for a candid and emotional primetime interview.

Joining Piers Morgan face to face, the actor, writer, and director behind the "Madea" films franchise shares his personal perspective on the upcoming general election, in particular political attack ads which he feels are fueled with misdirection:

"Unfortunately, I just, being in the business that I'm in, which is show business, I realize that a lot of things [are] smoke and mirrors, a lot of it is dust and let's hide the facts," says the 43-year-old star of "Alex Cross." "I think that most Americans, if you - before you vote, you should - you should become as educated as you can about both, you know, President Obama and the candidate and make your choice there."

Named the highest paid man in entertainment by "Forbes" in 2011, Perry cites a lack of transparency as a concern within the current political climate: FULL POST

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