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Need to Know News:  Details emerge on gun control proposal coming Wednesday; Helicopter crashes in London rush hour
January 16th, 2013
11:55 AM ET

Need to Know News: Details emerge on gun control proposal coming Wednesday; Helicopter crashes in London rush hour

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For January 16, 2013 – Details emerge on gun control proposal coming Wednesday, Helicopter crashes in London rush hour and Facebook introduces 'Graph Search'...

• Details emerge on gun control proposal coming Wednesday: "President Barack Obama will unveil Wednesday a package of gun control proposals that, according to a source, will include universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines."

Helicopter crashes in London rush hour: "A helicopter crashed into a construction crane atop a new luxury residential building in thick London fog Wednesday, killing the pilot and another person and sparking a line of flames as it plunged to the ground."

• Malian rebels vow to 'open gates of hell' as U.S. weighs policy options: "As Islamists in northern Mali threatened to 'open the gates of hell,' the United States is navigating one tricky quandary: how does it help in the battle against the militants without violating its own policy?"

JPMorgan slashes Dimon's bonus by 53%: "JPMorgan Chase slashed CEO Jamie Dimon's bonus by 53%, citing the fallout from the bank's so-called London Whale trading losses."

• Facebook introduces 'Graph Search': "On Tuesday, Facebook introduced an upgraded search tool, called Graph Search, that will scour the massive social network to answer more sophisticated questions."

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  1. Ronald W Ludwikowski

    Mr. Morgan, please do not stop talking about the issue of guns/assault weapons till something is accomplished.

    January 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm | Report abuse | Reply
    • Bella


      January 16, 2013 at 5:33 pm | Report abuse | Reply
    • julie

      Yes! Please continue to be the voice of reason and common sense, Piers.

      January 16, 2013 at 9:58 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  2. Ichiro

    Yeah, Let's ban Helicopters and Airplanes 'cause they crash once in a while.

    January 16, 2013 at 12:49 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  3. Tony C

    Over the past several weeks I’ve seen hundreds of comments with “what if’s”, plus statistics from every corner of the USA (& UK).
    First of all, it’s a simple fact that guns don’t kill people do.
    Secondly, more guns WILL NOT fix the problem! So why increase the opportunity with more guns?
    I’m hoping all of you didn’t forget the real key to all of this debate…the word is “TRAINED” and you have to agree that weapons used to kill large numbers of people DO NOT belong in the hands of John Q Public.
    Before I start, I am for gun rights, but knowing what some weapons can do to the human body, I just cannot justify or see how adding more weapons can be an answer to gun violence – Especially in the hands of an untrained gun owner. Let’s first get a count on what we already have on the streets and control that first. I think everyone agrees that it’s not just a gun issue; it’s much deeper than that.
    And as for Armed guards… Well! Déjà vu – That's what China was like in 1996 when I was there – Armed Military in every mall and on the streets with their trusty German Sheppard.
    I’m not one for statistics as I taught statistics and have only one thing to say… A quote popularized in the United States by Mark Twain was "There are three kinds of liars: liars, damned liars, and statistics." – A note to consider when you here statistical evidence being presented. (I would add a fourth – Politicians – I’ll let you pick the order placement.)
    Now, as for Semi and Automatic Weapons…
    People are forgetting what this type of weapon is designed to accomplish: (Warning-Hold your stomach.)
    Look at the 4th photo in on the top. That’s what an AR-15 is design to do. Is that the weapon you want around our schools?
    Think folks? Some of the Sandy Hook children were hit 11 times. Can you imagine what those little bodies looked like, some with 11 hits?
    I’m a Viet Nam Veteran, so let me elaborate.
    Automatic Weapons are for this!
    This is from my diary of events just outside My Lai in Quang Ngai province, South Viet Nam.
    “August 22, 1968. Five mortar rounds came in and 3 Hueys were hit. Gunships and ground troops killed over 300 confirms in about an hour of fighting. McGlew said he just closed his eyes and started firing. It was like being at a carnival and you had a shot gun while everyone else had BB guns. All guns ships are down for repairs.”
    “August 23, 1968. Still fighting in Quang Ngai. Aircraft came in carrying 6 dead GI’s – Blood and guts are all over the inside and left side of the aircraft and it smells like hell. Aircraft are now flying with tape over bullet holes.”
    “August 24, 1968. Third day of fighting. One Regiment of NVA wiped out plus Viet Cong now destroyed. 03:00, approximately 100 mortar rounds came in. Holes allover 7 aircraft, but still flying with tape over bullet holes.
    By end of 3rd day, 11th Brigade head count was approximately 1500 enemy kills – 1200 ground and 300 from gunships.” (I think the 11th fudged figures as we had 4 ships in the air and each had a Crew chief and door gunner with M-60s, plus 2 Mini-guns and a 40 Mike-Mike mounted on the nose.)
    A second event…
    “I was there during TET and when we were getting overrun by Charlie, I was glad to see Snoopy put down a round in every square inch of the tree line outside our perimeter. Two gun runs and the battle was over.
    After Snoopy left, our gunships came down from the hill and finished the job.”
    Believe me, these weapons are not for the faint at heart – They don’t just kill, they can destroy beyond recognition.
    And that’s the intended use of automatic weapons.
    I'm not sure why someone hasn't asked the folks we sent to foreign shores to defend all our rights as Americans what they think – The ones that used these weapons on a regular basis. I think you would be very surprised at their answer.
    I hear many reasons trying to justify the need to own automatic weapons, but consider this… did more automatic weapons help Osama Ben Laden?
    But this is a given… Less automatic and semi automatics will reduce the head count – but will not eliminate the problem.
    I believe someone stated that most gun-related deaths come from hand guns and they were correct.
    But consider this fact… I don’t understand why everyone keeps thinking that people that do all these horrendous acts are going to take out a full page ad letting everyone know they’re coming. Remember That!!!
    I'd like to see Alex Jones argument for owning 50 weapons if someone disarms his security system; sneaks into his bedroom one night and wakes him up with a little old 22 at his head or even a knife at his throat. What good would his 50 guns do then? Again, people that do these things normally DO NOT announce they’re coming in.
    Besides that, when I was in Viet Nam, I knew guys that could take out Mr. Jones and not even go in the house and,... you’d never know they were there.
    Actually, some of the guys I knew in Viet Nam, we would drop off at night and pick them up in the morning and they never fired a shot, but would take down several VC per night.

    But I have noticed a silver lining in the area where I live...more visibility of patrol vehicles around the elementary school just up the street. Great!
    I’m firmly against more guns like the AR-15 in the public sector but I am very pleased to see our law enforcement folks taking things into their own hands with more visual patrols around school yards.
    I would end by saying this about Piers Morgan…at least give him the credit for speaking his mind as you surely know our politicians won’t – Too much money to lose (or being elected?).
    And while it is true that most murders are with handguns period, I ask, is it better to just ignore the ills of our society?
    Someone has to be brave enough to challenge our political SOP of “do nothing”.
    We need “reasonable” solutions, not idle talk.
    I ask you this question. “What do you need an automatic weapon for in America?” I certainly know what the government asked me to do with an automatic weapon!” You can’t be a hunter if you think an automatic weapon is needed.
    Final note: Personal Liberties as an individual, do not exist, but are proportionally based on acceptable societal behavior. We ARE Americans – and that IS a unit of many.

    January 16, 2013 at 12:53 pm | Report abuse | Reply
    • Pacific Sun

      I thought your response was fascinating because it was a combination of experience, objectivity, deeper and progressive thinking as well. The problem that hinders the current discussion is complete polarization. The basic emotion goes beyond even saddness and regret. The basic emotion driving both sides is fear. Anytime an animal gets cornered, it lashes back. The same for people. They stop listening. And cooperating. And valuable contributions that might be made coming from both sides is lost. One example, arming public schools. There could actually be merit for some schools, in some communities, in some neighborhoods. It might even be welcomed. But because it has been put forth by a perceived, radical, exteme and fanatical group, it's denounced. The opposite example is also true. For example, making it so anybody who qualifies for gun ownership is absolutely screened to do so. But the distrust and fear denounces the "absolute" tightening up of measures.
      Ironically what is happening now is the ratcheting up of the kind of environment the fanatical gun owners anticipated all along. Meaning they perceive a deteriorating trend in mentality and government that is encroaching on them, period. Because they are black & white thinkers, in their minds you can not have a dual society. You can not coexist when you can not think and therefore react rationally. There has yet to be put forth a rational answer as to why the average gun owner, with average hobby interests also requires unfettered screening and military style weapons. The only response is that because it's a 2nd Ammendment right, that is the only answer that qualifies.
      On the other hand simply reducing the hardware out on the streets, and insuring that all law abiding, psychologically balanced people will be screened for gun ownership, does nothing to thrwart criminals (who more often than not get their weapons, and always will get their weapons, illegally .... for a variety of explanations, that again, escape a rationally handicapped discussion. At this point the fear factor is encouraging people to get guns while they can, to stock up on ammunition, etc., etc. anticipating they don't even exactly know what. But, the result is automatically increasing the hardware out on the street (that can be stolen by criminals, or sold to them, etc., etc.). So, unfortunately this whole discussion, while necessary and inevitable, is having exactly an adverse consequence. How many years will it take now, for tighter gun legislation (if it can even pass) to compensate for the ratching up of, and increasing fear factor in society. Yes, peaceful minded people are speaking up for tighter gun legislation. It certainly seems like the wave of change is before us. But the people who are quietly arming themselves are never going to match the vocality of the discussion. They are silent (and by nature, mostly secretive) part of society, that wishes to remain so, for their own perceived security!
      Now the discussion needs to be opened up even further, to take into account this newest problem. And really, not nearly enough is being said about how to diagnose, treat, maintain, monitor, incarcerate the mentally ill use commit or intend to commit crimes. And for that matter not anything (new) is being said about how we prosecute criminals and KEEP them incarcerated. Too, too many are released back into society on the grounds of ACLU rights, or rehabilitation, or prison over crowdling or too liberal district attorney offices ... and all the rest. This Country MUST create a climate, where nothing can be more clear, that if a person is CONVICTED of a violent crime, that's going to be the end of the line, for a very, very, very long time. So many of these criminals don't even care if they end up in prision for relatively short periods of time. It's a free lunch, requires little initiative, and all of it.
      It summary, we do ourselves a disservice when gun control, violence and mass murders are linked together is a supposedly solve-able discussion, wrapped up with some brand new legislation. Instead of dealing with reality as we know it today. Our law enforcement agencies WANT the tools and support today, that in many cases is already available to them. Reduce the hardware, of course. Treat the mentally ill, yes. But don't forget this overall problem is comprehensive and requires efforts from many fronts!

      January 16, 2013 at 8:08 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  4. Mark F. Hollenbeck

    Why aren't we talking about the legally prescribed, antipsychotic drugs that most of these killers are on ?

    January 16, 2013 at 1:40 pm | Report abuse | Reply
    • Tony C

      Yes Mark, That is why I stated that this is a MUCH deeper subject then just the weapons. Maybe the government should hire someone to do some "Root Cause" analysis? Think it would help? Or, would they just fudge the results? Too bad politicians don't have to be accountable for their actions???? Except to the NRA...

      January 16, 2013 at 1:54 pm | Report abuse | Reply
      • Jackie

        They did hire people to do root cause analysis. The NRA has done a lot to block the gathering of data so anyone could do that type of gun crime statistics. There is no way to know if the reports that have been done are correct and that people didn't twist the data to fit their beliefs.

        January 16, 2013 at 6:43 pm | Report abuse |
  5. empoweringconsumers

    Mass shootings in America have been increasing dramatically for a reason. Everyone is blaming the type of gun and mental health. No one is looking at the “cause” which is energy. To date, I have not heard anyone including Piers discuss the mass energy that governs hundreds of millions of people. Whether it’s “needing” to have the latest iPhone or “needing” to post what you had for dinner last night on Facebook, few people understand the sheep-like mass energy that governs millions of people with low energy levels. The only way to get people out of negative energy fields is to educate them and motivate them to rise into higher more positive fields. I'd love to be able to discuss this with Piers but realize average joe's no matter how educated have no shot on the air. Only senators selling books or Hollywood elite can get on. Part of the solution would not be to inflame an issue (any issue) in the media. This then would suggest the media not do their job by reporting on current events and creating discussions. This will never happen and so it continues, and willso until another energy takes its place. Maybe we should start another war? The media is constantly feeding the negative energy with more negative energy which then grabs hold of the individuals who watch and become consumed (enslaved) by it. Simply put, the most recent two men yesterday may not have had the “desire” to kill without all the press feeding them with the energy. They both always had the potential, but it was driven to the surface by all the press. Now these ill individuals have the idea and the manner by which to be seen which is all they really want; to be noticed and understood. There are deep-seated malaise in each of us waiting to surface. The trigger may remain dormant or arise at a moment’s notice. Taking property i.e. their guns from sane people makes them mad. Taking guns from crazy people makes them more crazy and then they act without accord. I challenge CNN to put me on with Piers for a rational discussion or perhaps you will just use my comment about energy to call Deepak Chopra I hear he has a new book that needs some free press.

    January 16, 2013 at 2:04 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  6. Pacific Sun

    The comment about energy, media and technology is about forward momentum. A reality that will not reverse itself. The fact that we're exposed (media wise) to what seems like more negativity is simply because it has more impact. A little bit goes a long way, takes more of our extended attention, and creates continuing examination and discussion. There is just less necessity or interest in reviewing what's ordinary, normal or routine in our lives. Or what we would consider to be the Positive. We forget that major attrocities occurred with or without new technology or expansive media coverage throughout our History. Sometimes It took longer to be reviewed in it's entirety. The impact may have been slower to climax. But History proves the magnitutde never the less. Assinations, War Crimes, and all other acts of horrific violence. I doubt that the super-crazed people who've committeed the recent mass murders calculated their impact in terms of preferred media coverage. I think these individuals were already so far beyond rational considerations and external evaluations, that "attention" of any kind would only be an imagined function of their own narcisstic world. Yes, the energy that surrounds our intentions and interactions warrants a good topic, and should be part of teaching our children a well rounded life. But it isn't connected to this current topic of gun control, violence and mass tragedies. Since the media will never stop covering what it does, we might as well put the extended discussions to good use, which seems to be the case now regarging these latest tragedies.

    January 16, 2013 at 2:20 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  7. rose macaskie

    Piers, it seems to me that the people who come on your show arguing against the massive prescence of guns in America are getting better at arguing by the day. so lots of discussion does work, does help people to express themselves. Also you are finding more people who are just good at arguing against it . I liked that kennedy with what seemed to me a sometimes odd use of words, he seemed to have lots of interesting things to say on many things. I liked the other top but not so especialy much.
    The father of a little boy who got shot who is somtimes elequant and somtimes odd. said something that needed saying. He said, he did not understand why the mother of th killer wanted a assault rifle and if i remember right she had three, I agree, what did she want that many guns for or even one such gun? I think that this father is hesitant about saying such things because he is shy of his own opinion which seems good but which he seems to feel needs to be wrapped up in a lot of strange mannern that is forgetting or taking into account the fact tha he also tha the seems to be so affected by his loss that it is sometimes hard for him not to break up on stage. I feel it worth mentioning that some people have a lack of confidence about being taken seriously, dont live among those who habitually listen with patients to their ideas and good faith, because a woman on ted talks, talking of lies commented on one woman who talked as if she really cared about the death of her daughter and another who was merely trying to convince people she cared but and sayign the one who merely tried to convince peoiple she cared was lying, as i saw it one woman talked like a person does who is used to being believed and the other as a person does who lives whith those who never believe a word she says if only to mess her up or because of an enormouse scorn for others, such people naturall wonder how to get believed even when they tell the truth. Not that she was necessarily telling the truth but she could have been, her lack of sincer and apassioned expression of her feelings might only have been the result of having had in her passed any passionate expression of her fellings reviled as being the rantings of a drama queen for example and who was accostumed to havign people say they did not believe she really cared about things she did care about because that leads people to have to act even what is true, they so wonder how to convey what they really feel in a way that will be believed. and are too afraid of being called a drama queen when they put all their re3al feeling into things to try it that is one of the effects of living with the scornful and those who take away the confidence of others. This rant is a bit off topic. rose macaskie madrid.

    January 16, 2013 at 4:06 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  8. Gary

    To the citizens of the USA
    Hello, I’m just a friend and or neighbor who being outside the box looking in and I must add that the respect and admiration that I have for the citizens of your great country, the United States of America goes without question. But of late, the gun violence that is going on in your country is very disturbing. It’s almost as if you are at war. I don’t pretend to know all the answers in regards to the politics and the Second Amendment, but surely the rule of law does apply. Unfortunately, it is necessary for the good citizens of America to share their country with fearful and narrow thinking people. They don’t recognize their hypocrisy; they seem not to be able to recognize the irony in destroying that which is capable of making their lives better. These individuals know that they are afraid and need to destroy that which causes their fear. I am certain that the citizens of the United States of America believe in education, telling children the truth about the history of the world. I’m sure that every mother and father are telling their children the measure of value, morals, as well as having respect towards other individuals. I hope that the citizens of your great country will stand up and tell their lawmakers that enough is enough.
    The greatest of our natural resources are men, women and children, and the test of civilization is the character of the home.

    January 16, 2013 at 4:15 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  9. Bella

    Would that be the second amendment passed December 15, 1791?

    January 16, 2013 at 5:39 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  10. rose macaskie

    Piers the very gentle you who appeared when you were interveiwing Alex JOnes was very appealing. I suppose your mothers insistence that you be brave and take the bull by the horns rather swamps this other Piers who no doubt would be a less useful person than they rumbustous one but it is nice to see the very gentle one.
    You said you could not be a whole several days in a car with your mother, you two are too alike? Normally that sons or daughters are just like their mothers or fathers is a bit of a myth, if you add up the ways you are not alike, then maybe you would understand your problems on being with your mother better. It is hard to be just like a parent, they never bring up their children as they were brought up in all aspects, they react a bit to how they were brought up as well as approving another bit of how they were brought up, they try to iron out some of their parents failings as educators to the best of their abilities so their children dont really turn out like them, though they have lots of family traits and ideas. rose macaskie madrid

    January 16, 2013 at 6:10 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  11. Karen Rood

    I just wanted to express my support to Piers Morgan for speaking up for the undeniable rightness of common sense gun control regulations within the United States. We need more brave voices to advocate for these essential protections in the face of gun extremists and corporate lobbyists. The U.S. needs to catch up with the rest of the Western world in limiting access to guns, particularly assault weapons. It is time for us to break the hegemony of the NRA in dictating gun policy in America. We will all be safer and more secure. Thank you, Piers Morgan, for being a voice of reason and courage on this critical issue.

    January 16, 2013 at 10:29 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  12. margaretrosemaryrohr


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    August 16, 2017 at 7:38 am | Report abuse | Reply

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