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February 7th, 2013
09:31 PM ET

Bill Bratton on suspected gunman Chris Dorner: "He is an incredibly dangerous individual"

As Los Angeles, California – and much of the nation – awaits the most-recent updates surrounding an ongoing manhunt for a former police and naval office, this evening Piers Morgan invited Bill Bratton to share his unique insight and perspective.

A former New York City Police Commisioner, and the former chief of police in Los Angeles – where he interacted with accused gunman Chris Dorner – Bratton offered some information as to the possible current location of the man suspected of killing three people, including one cop:

"He's apparently now up in the Bear Mountain area, which is a very popular area in California for skiing," explained Bratton. "It's very high mountains, very rugged mountains, so if he's up in that area, incredibly difficult terrain to try and explore, and search. At the same time, he may have left his truck there, which was just reported, and burned. But as to, is he still there, or has he moved on, that's unknown at this time."

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February 7th, 2013
08:00 PM ET

Rudy Giuliani on the use of drones: "You have to be one hundred percent sure you've got the right person"

As the debate over the use of U.S. drones against al Qaeda and its allies works its way into the national conversation, on Thursday evening Piers Morgan welcomes a gentleman he deems to be the perfect guest to discuss such a topic, Rudy Giuliani.

Not disagreeing with the practice of using "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" to attack enemies of the United States, the former mayor of New York City calls for precision:

"It has to be done very carefully, very uniquely," cautions Giuliani. "You have to be one hundred percent sure you've got the right person and you're not making a mistake."

Saying that he "probably agree[s] with the decisions that President Obama made" [to use drones], tonight's guest tells the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host however, that he takes exception with what he feels is an inconsistency in perception thanks to partisan politics: FULL POST

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February 7th, 2013
03:03 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: LA Reid on "Kimye," Kerry Kennedy on gun culture in America

On Wednesday evening music giant LA Reid joined Piers Morgan in studio for a sit-down interview. The former "X Factor" judge talked about the industry, the Super Bowl and his recently announced Grammy Icon Award.

During the face to face conversation, Reid shared with the host his most memorable career moment to this point:

"Kanye West in my office rapping his entire album to me, just like we're sitting here," said Reid. "Incredible moment, like the highlight."

As for the effect of "Kimye," the romance between West and his pregnant celebutante girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Reid feels the publicity is "great for his [West's] brand."

"He [West] was already one of the greatest – if not the greatest – music makers alive. And now he is one of the most famous. What's wrong with that?"

Kerry Kennedy was also on the program Wednesday night, and spoke about the gun culture in America:

"I think we have to really start with the laws," she told the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host.

Need to Know News:  Obama to release document on targeted killings to Congress, Monster blizzard could slam Northeast
February 7th, 2013
12:56 PM ET

Need to Know News: Obama to release document on targeted killings to Congress, Monster blizzard could slam Northeast

Each day, we here at "Piers Morgan Tonight" put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

For February 7, 2013 – Barack Obama to release document on targeted killings to Congress, monster blizzard could slam Northeast and Rihanna shows support in court for Chris Brown...


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