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February 8th, 2013
11:17 PM ET

Chris Cuomo debuts on CNN, field anchors amidst blizzard: "It's truly an honor to join the CNN team"

Brand new personality Chris Cuomo certainly picked a dramatic night on which to make his CNN debut.

Stationed outside of the network's New York bureau, the now former ABC News correspondent and co-anchor battled gusting winds, and steady snowfall, as he filled in for Piers Morgan in his very first assignment since joining his new network:

"Alright, our thanks to everybody here, it's truly an honor to join the CNN team. Thank you for the coat, there's a hat somewhere as well," said Cuomo, referencing his recently received, logo emblazoned winter outerwear.

Then, the 42-year-old revealed a bit of his personality:

"I've got my first big exclusive for you: Piers Morgan? He's okay. He's landed, in London, safely," said Cuomo with a smile.

Switching to a story he described as being "literally all around us," the guest host began reporting on the potentially "record-setting blizzard" that's presently pounding the Northeast, calling predictions "terrible" with as much as 36 inches of snow listed as a realistic possibility.

On his first evening on the air, CNN certainly handed Cuomo a qualified stable of reporters, beginning with Ali Velshi who found himself positioned on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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February 8th, 2013
03:52 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Dr. Amador on the mind of Christopher Dorner; Terry Probyn sends kind words to rescued Alabama boy Ethan and his family

As the manhunt for accused gunman Christopher Dorner continued, on Thursday evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed Dr. Xavier Amador to the program, inviting the the founder and director of the LEAP Institute to share his expert insight and perspective on the mind of an individual said to have targeted and killed three people related to the police force in California:

"It's vindication," said Amador regarding Dorner's motive behind the killings. "He accuses the LAPD of taking away his naval career, his relationship with his mother, with his sister, of ruining his life. It's psychotic thinking."

Talking live with Piers Morgan via Skype, the author and psychologist offered further analysis of the dynamic between the police force, and the man for whom they're searching:

"The LAPD are hunting him down," continued Amador. "They're his target. And the LAPD are, you know, understandably concerned not only for public's safety, but their own safety. They've been singled out."

Meanwhile, on the heels of the dramatic FBI rescue from earlier in the week, during which a six-year-old boy was rescued from a kidnapper, on Thursday the host called upon Terry Probyn to provide some context.

The mother of Jaycee Dugard, the 11-year-old who'd been abducted and held prisoner by a convicted sex offender for 18 years, Probyn spoke of the recovery facing a family who's child is a victim of abduction:

Need to Know News:  Manhunt continues for ex-police officer wanted in 3 deaths, Whopping winter storm nearly in Sandy's path
February 8th, 2013
10:22 AM ET

Need to Know News: Manhunt continues for ex-police officer wanted in 3 deaths, Whopping winter storm nearly in Sandy's path

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For February 8, 2013 – Manhunt continues for ex-police officer wanted in 3 deaths, whopping winter storm nearly in Sandy's path and UK beef under microscope as horsemeat found in lasagna...


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