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February 22nd, 2013
07:06 PM ET

Pistorius' friend on alcohol being banned as part of his bail: "I don't think that he is a major drinker, or that he does drink a lot"

On the heels of Friday's ruling that Oscar Pistorius could be released on bail, this evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" invites Kevin Lerena to share his reaction to some of the additional details coming out of the South African courtroom.

A close friend of the disgraced Paralympian, Lerena responded to learning that as part of Pistorius' agreement, he must abstain from drinking:

"He's a normal human being. We go out, we have fun," says the guest of his friend, a fellow South African. "As a person, he's never, ever, in my company, has alcohol changed his personality, or changed him as a person. Never around me has he ever changed in any way, when having alcohol in his system, at any time."

Noting that Lerena is confirming that Pistorius does drink, a detail that contradicts prior statement's by the sprinter's own attorney, Piers Morgan follows up: FULL POST

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February 22nd, 2013
04:45 PM ET

More than 150 items up for auction as part of the Carter Center's annual Winter Weekend event

As part of an effort that will help "support the worldwide peace and health work of the not-for-profit" organization that is the famed Carter Center, the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, Calif. is hosting the group's annual "Winter Weekend."

On Thursday, the man who lent his name to the center joined "Piers Morgan Tonight," sharing with the host some of the items he's donating to an auction which will serve as one of the gathering's signature events.

Known to use his own grapes to make his own wine through "traditional family methods," the 39th President of the United States is donating one bottle.

Displaying it for Piers Morgan, Jimmy Carter explained:

February 22nd, 2013
02:05 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Jimmy Carter on firearm legislation, the NRA, and the conflict in the Middle East

On Thursday evening, "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed Jimmy Carter for a face to face interview that ranged from film to firearm, Israel to Iran, and "Argo" to Obama.

Joining Piers Morgan in San Diego, the former President of the United States shared his stance on the ongoing gun debate, and the monopoly and power owned by the gun lobby:

"The main reason why the assault-weapons ban may not pass is the power of the NRA," stated the host. "In going after American politicians who then get cowed into silence. And I think it's just morally cowardly."

Agreeing with Morgan, Carter elaborated:

"And it happens not only at the federal level, but it also happens at every - at every state level and every municipal level. The NRA is there pressuring weak-needed - weak-kneed public officials to yield to their pressures, when they know what they're doing is wrong."

Himself a gun owner, and hunter, Carter owns rifles and shotguns. However, the nation's 39th commander in chief sees no need for assault weapons, and is discouraged by some of the fatal statistics plaguing the U.S.:

"I think it's ridiculous for our country to be in the forefront of killing people with guns. And when you see that there are maybe 20 or 30 people in Canada killed in a year and several thousand people killed here in the United States from guns, that shows that the NRA is wrong and that we should have some restraints."

As the fascinating sit-down conversation continued, Morgan moved the subject matter to the Middle East, asking the man credited for bringing peace to Israel and Egypt about the role of the U.S. today:

"Should America be a little bit more insular, be more selfish?" he wondered.

Need to Know News: Oscar Pistorius granted bail; Aspiring rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip
February 22nd, 2013
10:47 AM ET

Need to Know News: Oscar Pistorius granted bail; Aspiring rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

Each day, we here at "Piers Morgan Tonight" put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

For February 22, 2013 – Oscar Pistorius granted bail; aspiring rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip and Seth MacFarlane talks hosting the Oscars...


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