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February 18th, 2014
07:05 PM ET

"Piers Morgan Live, Rewind": Michael Smerconish on the long-lasting appeal of Michelle Obama, and the agent for Andrew McDonald opens up about "Player A"

Whether you fell asleep early, stayed out too late, or simply want to watch it again, we realize it's not always possible to get your entire "Piers Morgan Live" fix from television. As an answer to this, we offer the below labor of love – "Piers Morgan Live, Rewind" – dedicated and designed to getting you caught up and connected to the conversation.

  • Michael Smerconish on the FLOTUS with the mostess

As the host of a new Saturday morning show on CNN, Michael Smerconish will have the chance to showcase skills honed through years spent as a commentator and political analyst on both radio and television.

In advance of these duties, on Monday night the New York based talent joined Piers Morgan, offering his reaction and analysis to Michelle Obama's inclusion on a recent list of top First Ladies.

In addition to raising children and serving as the matriarch for a family with a thus-far squeaky-clean reputation, Smerconish noted that Mrs. Obama has also managed to establish herself as a likable public figure beyond simply the “great expectations” of the early days on the campaign trail:

“There was a caricature created of her during the course of the campaign in the same way that there was a caricature created of him,” Smerconish said of Michelle and Barack Obama’s pre-White House public personas. “She's been able, I think, to break free of her caricature more easily than he has.”

  • Telling the story of "Player A": Brett Tessler represents Andrew McDonald

With the recent release of a 144-page report identifying a culture of harassment within a certain South Florida locker room, the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal continues to pulse through the national news cycle.

While offensive lineman Jonathan Martin stands at the center of the story, as the primary victim of an environment created in large part by former teammate Richie Incognito, Ted Wells' investigation has identified additional victims, including a man initially known simply as “Player A,” and later revealed to be Andrew McDonald.

On Monday night, McDonald’s agent Brett Tessler joined "Piers Morgan Live" to offer some insight into his client's dealings with fame and scandal, now that his unpleasant experiences in the Dolphins’ locker room have become the center of the media spotlight:

“Andrew is a very low key guy who would just rather go about his business and let football do the talking,” Tessler said of his client’s involvement in the bullying controversy.

According to Tessler, McDonald holds no ill will towards his former Dolphins coaches or teammates. But while his client is moving on in his career and personal life, Tessler noted that the legal proceedings suggest Martin has been struggling to do so:

“Andrew is just a mentally tough guy who was able to fight through it,” Tessler explained. “And apparently as we've seen, you know, for some like Jonathan Martin, unfortunately, it appears that it became a little too much.”

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