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April 17th, 2012
10:13 PM ET

Betty White on her short-lived marriages: "The first two were...rehearsals"

This evening on "Piers Morgan Tonight," legendary actress and comedienne Betty White paid a visit to the program, bringing along her incomparable blend of wit and perspective.

Joining the host for a live, face to face interview, White opened up about her love life. Married three times, it was the final union that really captured her heart:

"I had 18 wonderful years with Alan Ludden," said the 7-time Emmy Award winner.

"He was third time around for you with the marriage," recalled Piers Morgan.

"The first two were...rehearsals," she quipped.

Detailing how dating has changed over the years, the "Golden Girls" star explained why her generation was inclined to marry more frequently:

"Back in those didn't sleep with a guy until you married him."

"You didn't know how bad he was in bed until you got married," inferred the host.

"You heard rumors," came White's whip-quick retort.

Watch the clip, and listen to the interview, as the 90-year-old legend keeps Morgan on his toes, and in stitches.

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  1. WorldCares

    Refreshing interview. I always referred to my brief second marriage as a commercial.

    April 18, 2012 at 3:38 am | Report abuse | Reply
  2. Joan Allison

    Don't be too quick to blame the police for handcuffing the kid!! This is just another "out of control" kid whose parents DO NOT discipline their kids!! People are afraid to do so for fear that kids will tell the school & then be arrested for "child abuse" When a kid throws a tantrum, parents don't even know what to do. They give them "time outs" or try to "reason" with a kid screaming at the top of their lungs. Remember the family kicked off a flight for out of control kids that the parents failed to correct. The kids basically control the parents. Enough said.

    April 18, 2012 at 4:16 am | Report abuse | Reply
    • Audrey White Rosario Dunham

      Is the child an Black African born in America that has not been taught she is an America first.
      Kids depend on their parents to abide by the 10 commandments which would lead us all
      not wanting to fght for Justice

      April 18, 2012 at 5:22 am | Report abuse | Reply
    • rose macaskie

      Joan Allison you dont know what this kids family is like, for all you know they may be too strict that also makes people into cross rebellious children. There are lots of different ways of doing inefficient parenting, people seem to always think the only way is spoiling children too much, the children i have known who broke things were children who spent a lot of time bored without anyone to keep them busy alone in their rooms or alone in the flat who exploded when they were let out and they were children who if anything had over strict parents. The child, alternatively, may be a bit crazy, mind you there is nothing more damaging than calling others crazy it is bett er to cool your heels for an hour in a police cell than get called crazy.
      The priveledged have always tended to imagine that the problems of the less priveldeged are due to the underpriveledged being less competent than the rich, so when the poor died of illnesses, the rich said of course its because their houses are dirty or they dont understand diet or some such, instead of saying the underfed have less restistance to illnesses and it is our fault they are underfed, we dont pay them enough.
      The truth is that all groups accuse the other groups of inefficiency, whatch "Nanny Diaries" for another example of a group being accused of being inadequate parents, as if alcholism were a speciality of the rich or as if the middle class never had extremly spoilt children but it is better to do down the rich than the poor, at least the rich's money gives them a certain amount of power to counteract the bad effects of being done down, such as they can pay for a good education for their children whatever their reputation is, while if you are less well off and meant to be incompetent into the bargain then people think that it is not worth while trying very hard to educate you, total you wont learn anyway.
      All groups are more understanding when members of their own group has problems. Then it is, oh, it is hard to work and look after the children or children can just be uncontrolable but when it is another group, they should have been able to deal with the problem. As you say children can be impossible and you just have to wait till they calm down, my daughter used to get tantrums, not brought on by any observable event, except that the most usual trigger cause was my spending hours looking for a parking place on a hot day when she was tired from school, so heat tiredness and maybe perceiving the strain looking for parking places with a toddler in the car had on me but she was younger than six.
      How to educate children is one side of the issue, the other is, we dont use the police force to deal with children, we just don't. Children are allowed to break property without being called vandals and taken off to a police cell and it is not only the police who Piers is blaming I imagine, what did the school think it was doing calling out the police to deal with a little girl. Children are just considered to be unable to always control their reactions, we allow them more lee way than adults, we dont arrest them when they lose it and break things, that is the sort of thing they used to do in the bad old times, centuries ago we dont want to go back to medieval times or Dickens times either for that matter. rose macaskie.

      April 18, 2012 at 2:18 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  3. Audrey White Rosario Dunham

    Betty White is an inspiration to all who complain about Life and also look like old bags.
    Betty White I am following your footsteps, you are my pride and joy. My maiden name is Audrey Pearl White
    born in Calcutta India to poor parents that died of poverty (mother 32, father 52,Brother 52 and sister 10 years)
    It has made my sister and myself strong to survive this world of greed and emptyness.
    Bless you Betty White

    April 18, 2012 at 5:19 am | Report abuse | Reply
    • rose macaskie

      Those who don't fight remain poor or downtrodden. If you read literature you learn how poor the poor were before the french revolution when the rich began to be frightened their heads might get chopped off if they did not try harder for their poor and you learn how abused women were before they started to complain, I sing, "well done sister sufragette" not why did you turn us into complainers sister suffragette.
      If you read history or literature you know what all that was complaints, protests, strikes, marches and death, did for us, they made the rich try to see if they could not house their poor better and school them and it worked european countries had empires before but the wealth of those empires did not make their poor of hte countries with empires rich, the only thing that did that were complainers, making the people with wherewithall pay attention to the conditions of life of their work force. The religious pretend poor countries are poor only because the rich ones steal off them, when they know fullwell poor countries are also poor because their poor dont complain effectively enough. The rich just cant be bothered to think how to help on their poor if they pooor dont complain and it takes some thought and work to help your poor.
      Anyone who is not gratefull to complainers for changing the lot of so many others in ungrateful and anyone who is not willing to go in their uncomfortable footsteps is not taking responsability for the future comfort of women or the poor. It is men or the rich who try to persuade people not to complain it is to their advantage to have an easily controled worker class, not complaining turns you into the accomplice of bullies. rose macaskie.

      April 18, 2012 at 1:30 pm | Report abuse | Reply
  4. rose macaskie

    PIers you were talking to a singer the other dday who had been in an abusive relationship, I looked her up, it seems her third husband hit her and the first two were abusive in different ways, like doing for her confidence. You asked her how she had come to accept marryign an abusive person. That is a question which always seems amazing to me, when i have either complained about whatching people being abusive to another or to me I have aleways received firm opposition to believing a word I said o the subject and not only found no one would believe me but also that I hi had triggered off a campaign to knock me into order and make me accept social realities, to accept that it was me that imagined others were unacceptably manipulative not that htere were people who really behaved badly, to make me knuckle down and be nice to the abusive,.so i would say how could you ask anyone why they had accepted it, society works as hard as it can to make people accept abusive conduct, to deny anything could be wrong with society unles the person you complain of is a drug addict or some other sort of outlawed person.
    I suffered attacks on my character for so dentign their ideas on how society is really by talkign of the more negative sides of things from absolutley all sides, though htey said they were not attacking me they were just being real or trying to make me be real .. I have been told i was just jealous and that is why i perceived others to be abusive, that i imagined that such and such was going on, as in i am not good at evaluating situations an dwas mistaken, that i was paranoic, the answers were such as to make one scared of mentioning such a thing, to do so seemed to mean other people started undermining me as hard as they could. It seems that if you claim to have been badly treated people feel as if you wished to embrodier your life and pretend you were a less than an ordinary person, as if to suffer put you into a class of prima donas. and to complain about myself also had everyone saying that every one sufferes from abusive treatment so i should just pipe down and learn to live with it, that i was too spoilt to bare what was apparently normal and bearable so I would say taht people have tremendous social pressures brought to bare to make them stay on in abusive reltionships, so much so that i dont know how people have the face to ask people why they bear them, dont htey know how society backs up abusive reltionships. Adults are just crazy they are given to saying one thing today and another two hours laterm their right hands never know what their left hands are doing and vice a versa.and yet we insist on pretenidng that life is mostly noraml and rational.
    It seems that we have nothing clearly marked out on abusive conduct, what is too much and damaging teasing and what is perfectly friendly, what criticism is a help and what is merely destructive and used by people whose intention is to anhilate their victimsm how much harrassment is too much, after all it is very different to suffer the importunities of the press once a mounth than to find you cant go out of your house without bumping into them.taht htey are always afgter you. A constant pressure can have as bad an effect as a mortal blow.
    The victorians did try to categorise these things, a great part of david coperfeild is about how his step father killed his step mother with his coldness and about how long it takes the young man to learn to denounce this mental cruelty, as well as describing the actions of Uriah Heap who was menatly abusve towhole group of people all at once and in the end it was the weakest who stood up to him.. Henry James writes about behavior that without being too evidently brutal totally undermines those who suffer from it and cripples their lives and we have decided that we have got over that and are too civilised to have to examine family brutality, The writers of yesteryear made people counscious that such a thing as a domineering father who crushed their children existed, as in the farther of elizabeth barrat browning.and it seems that may be it is time to take up were the victorians left off and talk of our world being more venemous than many people would like to admit, about breaking people and social groups, using social, emotional and verbal pressures. What about the great film, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane as an example of exploring this world. Raymonde Chandler also deals with these topics a bit. rose macaskie madrid.

    April 18, 2012 at 3:04 pm | Report abuse | Reply
    • Mohamad

      So it means that this is not the thing MBA's are interested in or they are not cleevr enough? btw thanks for your videos a lot. It's 2in1 for me. I can study English and learn something interesting too

      June 27, 2012 at 9:13 pm | Report abuse | Reply
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