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February 21st, 2012
11:46 AM ET

Clips From Last Night: Pat O'Brien on Whitney Houston and addiction; Russ Feingold on super PACs

Last night Piers Morgan sat down with entertainment news anchor Pat O'Brien. O'Brien talked about his experience covering Whitney Houston's life and career and opened up about his own battle with addiction. "It’s not a character defect, it’s not a moral problem, something’s wrong with your brain, to put it simply," O'Brien said. "You’re not gonna stop until you want to stop. You’ve got to surrender."

Author and former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold also joined Piers and talked about the negative influence of super PACs on the elections. FULL POST

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February 20th, 2012
12:14 PM ET

Clips From Friday: The man behind 'Linsanity;' Chris Christie on Whitney Houston

President and CEO of Montgomery Sports Group Roger Montgomery sat down with Piers Morgan Friday and talked about the craziness surrounding "Linsanity" and the sustainability of his client, Jeremy Lin. "He's legitimate and people are trying to, were trying to speculate as to whether or not he'd be able to keep it up," Montgomery said. "But you don't do what he's been able to do and not be a legitimate player. It was just opportunity."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also sat down with Piers for an interview to air Tuesday at 9pm ET/PT. Christie defended his decision to lower flags to half-staff for Whitney Houston in tribute FULL POST

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February 17th, 2012
07:40 PM ET

Only in America: PS 22 Chorus Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston

The Public School 22 Chorus from Staten Island burst into YouTube fame performing jaw-dropping renditions of popular songs that rivaled the original recordings by artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many others.

On the eve of Whitney Houston's funeral, the PS22 school chorus honors the late singer on "Piers Morgan Tonight," exclusively debuting one of her most loved songs, "The Greatest Love of All."

The PS 22 Chorus have viral videos circling the internet amassing over 41 million collective views and performed on many national platforms, including the 83rd Academy Awards. Denise Bestman, an 11-year old alum gained mainstream fame during last Sunday’s GRAMMY commercial by singing Adele’s award-winning hit “Rolling in the Deep” and spoke to Piers Morgan earlier this week.

Only in America: A tribute to an all-American diva.

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February 17th, 2012
04:51 PM ET

BeBe Winans on Whitney Houston's death: "It caught us off guard...but didn't catch God off guard"

This evening on "Piers Morgan Tonight," BeBe Winans sits down for an incredibly honest and moving interview about the death of Whitney Houston, a woman he considered to be like a sister.

The gospel singer will be performing at Houston's funeral on Saturday, and shares with Piers Morgan his reflections on her life, and her death:

"It caught us off guard, Piers, but didn't catch God off guard, and that's who we both believe in," reveals Winans. "There's enough blame, truly, to go around. But at the same time, no one is to blame." FULL POST

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February 17th, 2012
01:01 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Valerie Simpson on Cissy Houston; Ricky Gervais on Twitter

Last night Piers Morgan sat down with fellow British export Ricky Gervais for a lively exclusive chat. In between verbal barbs and outrageous innuendo, the actor and comedian detailed his love for Twitter, though he need more than 140 characters to do so:

"It's the whole of humanity in your pocket. It's the best and worst of the world, on Twitter," said Gervais. "There are some brilliant people out there. And there are some people that shouldn't be allowed sharp objects."

On Thursday, Valerie Simpson also visited "Piers Morgan Tonight", for an emotional, and candid interview. FULL POST

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February 16th, 2012
12:36 PM ET

Daniel Baldwin on Whitney Houston: "I don't think she was applying herself and taking action to maintain her sobriety"

On Wednesday, "Piers Morgan Tonight" continued its in-depth look into the life, and death, of recording superstar Whitney Houston.

As new details into the stars final days have been released, Piers Morgan examined the roles that abuse and addiction play within the culture of Hollywood.

Actor Daniel Baldwin joined the program, offering his reaction to Houston's passing: "I mean, it's two-fold. It's a double edged sword. There's a side of me that thinks it's sad for anyone to die and succumb to this disease," said Baldwin. FULL POST

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February 16th, 2012
12:19 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Nikki Sixx on 'rock docs' and enablers; Rick Santorum explains where his income comes from

Last night Nikki Sixx of the mega rock band Mötley Crüe talked with Piers Morgan about the 'rock docs', doctors who write the often unnecessary prescriptions for music stars such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Sixx expressed disbelief over the fact that a system of accountability was not in place, remarking "I imagine if you’re getting different prescriptions filled from different doctors, there has to be some check and balance in there somewhere."

Sixx also criticized Houston's entourage for their role as enablers. FULL POST

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February 15th, 2012
12:45 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Babyface on Whitney Houston's strong will and incredible voice

Last night Piers Morgan sat down with singer/songwriter Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and Grammy-winning record producer David Foster to remember their dear friend Whitney Houston. Piers doesn't like the way Houston was taken care of last week. He noted "anyone can go out and get drunk but if you were a well chronicled addict who's been to hell and back with this addiction, Is there nobody in that Whitney system?" Edmonds explained Houston was very strong willed. "She was going to do what she wanted to do."

Edmonds also remembered Houston's incredible voice: FULL POST

February 14th, 2012
10:14 PM ET

Deepak Chopra on celebrities and enablers: "They don't like to say no to somebody who's rich or perceived as powerful or famous"

As "Piers Tonight" continues paying tribute to the life and music of the late Whitney Houston, this evening physician and public speaker Deepak Chopra joined the program to address the role of prescription drugs within the culture of Hollywood.

A 19-time "New York Times" bestseller, Chopra spoke to a co-dependent, addictive relationship between stars like Houston, and their enablers: "You have doctors that are known as concierge doctors, boutique doctors, you have pill mills that are owned by doctors and drug suppliers," Chopra told Piers Morgan. FULL POST

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February 14th, 2012
12:28 PM ET

Jennifer Holliday on Whitney Houston's drug use: "She had started before she had met Bobby Brown"

As part of a live, hour-long tribute show dedicated entirely to the recent death of Whitney Houston, on Monday night Piers Morgan visited with several music insiders who spoke candidly about the late singer's life.

Amongst those joining Morgan was Jennifer Holliday, who revealed surprising insight into Houston's early days: "We were all around a lot of drugs," the grammy award winner told Morgan. "I hate to say that she had started before she had met Bobby Brown."

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