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October 26th, 2012
03:54 PM ET

Tonight: Cory Booker on Colin Powell and John Sununu

With 11 days until the general election, this evening Piers Morgan welcomes back Cory Booker for his trademark blend of candid commentary and insider's perspective.

A regular guest of "Piers Morgan Tonight," the Newark Mayor has discussed a wide scope of topics during previous visits, touching upon everything from gun laws, a recent speech made by Vice President Joe Biden, and the debt crisis.

Tonight however, the former Rhodes Scholar is expected to offer his reaction to recent remarks by John Sununu, who appeared on the program Thursday night.

Joining Morgan live, the former Governor of New Hampshire suggested that Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama is based upon race.

Tune in tonight at 9 as Booker, himself also an African-American and Obama supporter, responds to Sununu's claims.
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October 26th, 2012
12:50 PM ET

Gloria Allred on Richard Mourdock: "Don't put your religious convictions on my body"

On the heels of this week's highly publicized and largely controversial comments made by Richard Mourdock, in which the Indiana Republican Senate candidate said pregnancies from rape are "something that God intended to happen," on Thursday "Piers Morgan Tonight" invited Gloria Allred to respond.

"He apologized, he said, 'if that offends anyone.' Well, it does offend me," explained the high-profile feminist lawyer. "But he's standing by his comment and apparently, Governor [Mitt] Romney and leaders of the Republican party are standing by this extremist Richard Mourdock."

Welcoming his guest live, Piers Morgan further examined the context of Mourdock's remarks: FULL POST

October 25th, 2012
01:59 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Jack Welch on the U.S. economy and Mitt Romney; Deval Patrick on the Obama Adminstration's scorecard

As the presidential race nears to a nail-biting close, on Wednesday, businessman and staunch Mitt Romney supporter Jack Welch returned to the "Piers Morgan Tonight" studios.

The former Chairman and CEO of General Motors enthusiastically voiced his support for the GOP candidate, while simultaneously addressing a recent statement by Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett who suggested that the U.S. economy will see growth regardless of which administration takes over in the next term:

"Warren was partially right," agreed Welch. "Warren may have made the point that the economy will be better. A 1.5 percent GDP growth next year, same as we had this year, will be better. What you'll get with Mitt Romney is a chance at 3 to 4 percent."

Also on Wednesday, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick joined host Piers Morgan, sharing his insight on the Obama administration's policy scorecard: FULL POST

October 24th, 2012
11:25 PM ET

Charles Blow on the new Clint Eastwood ad.: "I really don't even see how it helps Mitt Romney"

With the general election less than two weeks away, on Wednesday "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed a host of political pundits and electoral analysts to discuss recent developments in the race for the White House.

On the heels of a new Clint Eastwood ad., during which the four-time Academy Award winner continues his support of Mitt Romney, Katie Pavlich added her perspective to the television spot:

"Clint Eastwood is making one point here, and he says that the middle class in America has not been successful in the past four years, and if you take Joe Biden's term that the middle class has been buried, I think that Clint Eastwood agrees with the vice president on that, " said the conservative columnist and political commentator. "He's supporting Mitt Romney, and with good reason, based upon the economic numbers."

Joining Piers Morgan in-studio, Charles Blow saw it differently:

"I don't see how it helps him [Eastwood] in the long run as a Hollywood actor, and I really don't even see how it helps Mitt Romney."

Referring to the man who first showed support for Barack Obama by praising the auto bailout in the "Halftime in America" Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, only to later support Romney via an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, Blow fails to see the benefit of a Clint Eastwood endorsement: FULL POST

October 24th, 2012
05:23 PM ET

Donald Trump on his 'big' announcement: "It’s not a publicity stunt, it’s a serious, very serious offer"

Is it better to be lucky or good? In the case of Piers Morgan, maybe it's best to be both.

On the heels of Wednesday afternoon's "Big Announcement" by Donald Trump, tonight the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host welcomes the man who crowned him the first-ever winner of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Pledging to donate $5 million to a charity of Barack Obama's choice if the president releases his college applications and passport records, the television personality and business magnate insists it's a challenge that should be accepted:

"If there’s nothing wrong with his applications – if everything’s fine, why wouldn’t he do it?" wonders Trump. "I think it would be a terrible thing of the President to not do it, in order to pick up $5 million, I think that would be outrageous, personally."

Once a reality show contestant, but forever a journalist, Morgan counters: FULL POST

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October 24th, 2012
03:02 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Nicholas Kristof, Buzz Bissinger, Kristen Soltis and Charles Blow weigh in on the 3rd presidential debate

On Tuesday evening, Piers Morgan featured the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof on the program to weigh in on the third presidential debate. Kristof noted that Barack Obama was considered the winner of the debate, though the outcome will have little impact on the election.

"The decisions are going to be based on economics, principally," said Kristof. "Neither one flubbed it."

Morgan's "All-Star Political Panel" comprised of Buzz Bissinger, Kristen Soltis and Charles Blow also gave their take on Monday's debate. FULL POST

October 23rd, 2012
10:10 PM ET

Newt Gingrich: "It's amazing to me how Beau Biden is so much more mature than his father"

On the heels of Monday's final presidential debate, this evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed Newt Gingrich for his incomparable brand of candid commentary, and political perspective.

Joining Piers Morgan via satellite, Gingrich's segment immediately followed an interview with Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden.

Having listened to the younger Biden's analysis of the professional relationship between his father and President Barack Obama, Gingrich shared an observation:

"That was a very good interview. It's amazing to me how Beau Biden is so much more mature than his father," cracked the former House Speaker. "He gives much better interviews, and seems much more in control of himself."

Beau Biden's appearance on the program came in response to Obama using the debate to admit to dissent within the White House, explaining that he gave the order to go after Osama bin Laden, despite even his own vice president disagreeing.

Adding his own insight, Gingrich found Obama's claim to be consistent: FULL POST

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October 23rd, 2012
07:11 PM ET

Beau Biden: "The President of the United States is lucky to have my dad at his side because he's the most loyal person I know"

In the aftermath of Monday's final presidential debate, this evening "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes Attorney General of Delaware Beau Biden and his unique blend of measured candor and inside insight.

Piers Morgan asks the eldest son of current Vice President Joe Biden for his reaction to Barack Obama admitting dissent within the White House.

"Those decisions generally – generally are not poll-tested," Obama revealed Monday night, referring to him giving the order to go after Osama bin Laden. "Some in my own party, including my current vice president, had the same critique as you did."

After rolling the clip of that moment of the debate, Morgan offers his own reaction, then asks the same of his guest: FULL POST

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October 18th, 2012
03:00 PM ET

The former Lt. Gov. of Massachusetts under Romney, Kerry Healey, and Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod on the 'binders full of women' comment

The Former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts under Mitt Romney, Kerry Healey, spoke to Piers Morgan last night about the GOP candidate's 'binders full of women' comment during the second presidential debate Tuesday.

"I don't actually understand what the concern is here," said Healey about the potentially offensive comment. "This is part of a pattern of trying to distract from the very serious issues."

"If you look at the women in the economy in our country today, there's 500,000 more women unemployed, who lost their jobs during the Obama administration," continued Healey. "Why weren't we talking about them? Why didn't we hear anything from President Obama about how he was going to help them employed?"

Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod also responded to the binder comment with the opinion that "the binders for women formulation was an awkward formulation. But the point the governor was making was that he couldn't find qualified women and so he reached out," said Axelrod. FULL POST

October 18th, 2012
02:48 PM ET

Clips From Last Night: Cory Booker on Mitt Romney's lack of specifics; Undecided voters weigh in on the candidates' responses at the second presidential debate

On Wednesday, Newark Mayor Cory Booker returned to the "Piers Morgan Tonight" studios, and on the heels of the previous evening's second presidential debate, he offered his feedback and perspective on the presidential race.

A strong supporter of Barack Obama, Booker was particularly critical of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's lack of specifics, especially on the economy:

"Tell me what you're going to cut," he insisted in reference to Romney's plans. "Tell me what loophole you're going to end. Are you going to end carried interest, are you going to end the mortgage deduction? Just give us your specifics of your plan."

"[Barack] Obama has been forced to do that," continued Booker. "He has showed us in the last years what the specifics of his plan are."

Also on Wednesday, host Piers Morgan welcomed four of the undecided voters who directly addressed the candidates as part of Tuesday's "Town Hall" style event.

Twenty-four hours since their 15 minutes of fame, Kerry Ladke, Jeremy Epstein, Carol Goldberg and Nina Gonzales all evaluated the candidates' answers to their questions. FULL POST

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