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July 17th, 2012
12:32 PM ET

Only In America: A British host gets an unusual name change from an American actor

In Monday’s “Only in America,” Piers Morgan looked into the origin of the nickname he received from Robert Blake last week: "Charlie Potatoes."

“Now I assumed it was less than complimentary,” Morgan said, “but then I did a little research – after all you’ll remember Robert Blake also called me ‘Mr. Research.’”

And to Morgan’s surprise and delight, the nickname was, in fact, a compliment. It came from “The Defiant Ones,” a 1958 film starring Tony Curtis. The actor dreams of one day being rich and popular. He named that man Charlie Potatoes.

Beaming after the clip played, Morgan stated "I think it’s very obvious why Robert Blake called me Charlie Potatoes.” FULL POST

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June 28th, 2012
02:32 PM ET

Only In America: Staying cool in the summer

On Wednesday, Piers Morgan used his "Only in America" segment to crown the country's coolest mayor.

Thanks to his unique automobile apparatus, and a red-hot photo seared into the front page of the New York Post, Michael Bloomberg earned the honor.

Initially earning criticism for the environmental implications of idling his car, the mayor has taken a creative approach towards keeping his all-black S.U.V. "green."

Instead of pumping the A.C. from within, Bloomberg now counts on an external A.C. unit, fitted into the driver's side window:

“The contraption for a Mayor who prides himself on being 'green' is about as ridiculous as you could possibly get,” Morgan said.

While it may be ridiculous, it's anything but easy. Just getting the air conditioner into the car has become a process. It's wheeled over to the vehicle, propped up, and plugs into an outlet inside City Hall courtesy of extension cords. FULL POST

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