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Join Piers Morgan and Jesse Ventura for a live studio audience experience!
September 10th, 2012
03:38 PM ET

Join Piers Morgan and Jesse Ventura for a live studio audience experience!

He’s an outspoken, independent thinker who’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind. Monday, September 17th, Piers Morgan sits down for a robust interview with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Does government control too much of our lives? Are the two political parties just as bad as each other? Should the US have more Independents? From guns to government to who should win the election, Jesse Ventura is speaking out and taking your questions!

For free tickets to attend the live studio audience of “Piers Morgan Tonight” in New York City at 9pm on Monday, September 17th, please send an email to with your full name, phone number, number of tickets requested (up to 2,) and your question for Jesse Ventura by Friday, September 14th at 1pm EST. Must be 18 or older to attend.
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October 25th, 2011
05:04 PM ET

What to expect from tonight's live town hall: #OccupyPiersTonight

Tonight’s episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight” is a show for every American. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t matter if you support President Obama or will be voting for the next GOP candidate. It doesn’t matter if you’re teacher, a doctor, a janitor, a banker, a mother, a father or in my case, a producer.

If you are part of the 99% or know someone who is, tonight's "Piers Morgan Tonight," live at 9pmET, is for you. FULL POST

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October 3rd, 2011
05:21 PM ET

Looking back at the West Memphis Three: a strong reaction to Piers Morgan's interview

By "Piers Morgan Tonight" associate producer Samantha Hillstrom:

On May 5th, 1993, I was almost 8 years old – the same age Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were when they were brutally murdered in West Memphis, AR. It’s been over 18 years since that day, and six weeks ago, the three men that were convicted of their murders were released from prison.

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were charged with murdering the three boys and spent their entire adulthood behind bars, and for Damien, on death row. Last week, Piers Morgan interviewed Damien and Jason in an emotional and powerful interview – and the response on our Twitter, Facebook and blog has been incredible. FULL POST

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August 18th, 2011
12:59 PM ET

What happened after the Christine O'Donnell walk off? A first person account

Minutes after Christine O'Donnell walked off her interview with Piers Morgan, I walked into her green room to escort her and her team out of the building. It's standard procedure for a member of our team to walk each and every guest out after the show. Sometimes that means you get lucky and ride in an elevator with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Other times, that means you're the first person Christine O'Donnell meets after she storms off the set, upset with questions regarding her stance on gay marriage. FULL POST

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